Hello. My name is Bruce Barnes.
Welcome to Actualize Your Full Potential.
This site focuses on the personal development side of my business.
I offer a variety of workshops/courses along with life coaching.

My purpose in life is to be happy and live life unlimited while helping others do the same.

I will use talent and resources available to me to help myself and others actualize their full potential.

I’ve taken many personal & business development workshops. I use all that knowledge and experience to help you identify and achieve your goals.

I look forward to helping you to Actualize Your Full Potential.

Are you ready to:

  • Identify and eliminate what’s holding you back?
  • Improve your personal or business life?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Be a better student?
  • Take the next step in your journey to improve yourself?

If so, you’re in the right place.

Check out my Portal site too:

There is a direct relationship between your mindset and your physical health – they both impact each other.
This site supports your desire to improve your mindset, your way of thinking, and Be More.
My other site, ThirdRockWellness.com, supports improving your health and enjoying your Life Unlimited.

Positive Prime is an easy to use FREE Mindset Tool.

Positive Prime is where Technology, Neuroscience, and Positive Psychology all come together.
I am a Certified Positive Prime Professional and an expert in Positive Priming.
It is very important that we prime the mind with positive input. Consider how much negative input we are exposed to in one day: the news, people complaining, and poor work environment. Not to mention our own negative self-talk.

Each Positive Prime Session has a theme such as, Abundance, Emotional Well Being, Energy, Productivity, Children, Writing a Book, Eating Healthy, and many more.

I had them create 2 Sessions for me each with a slightly different theme and focus.

  • “Actualize Your Full Potential” helps you be more focused and confident while helping you be successful.
  • “Unlimited Potential” is geared towards students to encourage & motivate them and help them with their self-confidence. While many of the statements are geared towards students, this Session can benefit anyone.

It is FREE to create an account and you get credits as you watch a Session. You can use those credits to add more Sessions to your your account.

Most people can relate to more than one of these:

  • Forgotten how to Dream.
  • Ignoring their Passions.
  • No written Goals or plans.
  • Have untapped Skills/Potential and don’t know how to use them.
  • Afraid to try something new because they might fail.

My courses & workshops address those things.

  • Your Potential Is Calling: Identify & release blocks, Reset mindset. More.
  • Life Balance: Learn how to find balance in life.
  • Love Languages: What they are and how they impact all areas of your life.
  • Positive Priming: Your mind is a powerful ally.
  • Unleash Your Full Potential: 4-part series still in development.

Let’s connect and discuss how I can be of service to you.
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It also does business as: Barnes Unlimited and Third Rock Wellness.

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